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Simple Solutions for Complex Commercial Real Estate Valuation

Commercial real estate encompasses a variety of development types. Shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants and warehouses are just a few. It’s a fairly simple concept referring to buildings or land used solely for business purposes. Not so simple are the real estate issues that confront and impact commercial property owners and lessees.


Owning or leasing commercial real estate requires extensive knowledge of the legal, financial and regulatory matters associated with commercial property. In addition, many companies – utility, cable, pipeline and transportation companies in particular – can be challenged by the need to use property that doesn’t belong to them. This need for easements – documented permission giving them the right of way to use such property – is another complex issue surrounding commercial real estate. Government property owners, even with eminent domain, are not without challenges in the acquisition of real estate for roads, schools, utilities and other public facilities.


And for every complex issue, there’s another, more complex issue at the core – valuation. Whether you’re seizing, leasing, buying, selling, financing, analyzing, insuring or concerned with taxes, it all gets back to valuation, how much is the property worth.


So in this big complex world of commercial real estate, it’s a relief to know there’s one company working to de-clutter the issues with simple answers and simple solutions, one that specializes in the most complex issue of all – commercial real estate valuation.


That one company is 1st AEROW Valuation Group, a commercial real estate services company that provides Real Estate Appraisals, Appraisal Reviews, Right of Way and Eminent Domain Attainment. While we use traditional and advanced methods of collecting data and best practices for analyzing and interpreting our findings, we stand alone in how we communicate about them with our clients. We use a consultative approach to help educate, guide and support our clients to derive at solutions that best meet their real estate concerns and goals. Plain and simple: we help each client respond to every real estate issue with the most effective real estate solution.



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